These are the cheapest places in Ocean County, right now.

I use a website and app called, it's always changing with the prices of gas going up and down.

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So, I would love your help. If you get gas today, jot down the amount. If you see a little cheaper than $3.40 for regular, let me know, at I'd love to put a list together to help our neighbors and friends out on where to find the cheapest gas in Ocean County. I love asking you to help, you always come through. Will it be the cheapest in Toms River? Will it be the cheapest in Forked River? Let's find out. Let's help each other out.

Joshuaraineyphotography, Getty Stock, ThinkStock
Joshuaraineyphotography, Getty Stock, ThinkStock

Thank you to for the gas prices in Ocean County. The average price of a gallon of regular gas in New Jersey last week was up a couple of cents from two weeks ago at $3.49. I feel gas prices change all day. They go up and down. These are the latest prices thanks to this website.

Where is the cheapest gas in Ocean County?

These change throughout the day, but here are the latest cheapest prices in Ocean County. Toms River has the cheapest gas in Ocean County, right now.

Tommy Vee's Auto Repair  - $3.91 - 281 37 E., Toms River, NJ

Conoco - $3.95 - 2080 - 2088 Rt. 88, Brick, NJ

National Fuel - $3.95 - 2964 Rt. 88, Brick, NJ

Delta - $3.95 - 2501 Bridge Ave., Pt. Pleasant, NJ

Conoco - $3.95 - 700 Ocean Rd., Pt. Pleasant Beach, NJ

Costco - $3.97 - 465 Rt. 70, Brick, NJ

Pasmel - $3.97 - 103 Atlantic City Blvd., Bayville, NJ

19 Express - $3.99 - 274 Whitesville Rd., Jackson, NJ

Delta - $3.99 - 109 E. Main St., Tuckerton, NJ

Sunoco - $4.03 - 200 Rt. 37, Lakehurst, NJ

Where did you see the cheapest gas today?

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