A 10-year-old girl hilariously stood her ground after receiving a text from an anonymous woman accusing the child of being her husband's mistress.

Taking to Twitter, the little girl's older sister shared a screenshot of the interaction her younger sister had with the woman.

In the text the 10-year-old received, the unknown woman claims the little girl's number appeared on her husband's phone.

The woman claims she does not know the person behind number that messaged her husband, named Mikey, and so she asks the girl how she knows him, adding that she supposedly knows the girl's address.

@PettyWalker_ via Twitter
@PettyWalker_ via Twitter

Realizing the woman is clearly confused, the next day the little girl simply responded with, "wrong number."

However, the woman didn't buy it and pressed further by adding an ominous, "we'll see."

This interaction apparently didn't sit well with the precocious 10-year-old, who sent three snarky messages back:

"I'm 10 stupid lady ... and I hope he's cheating on you ... with his ex wife."

See the original tweet below:

The tweet went viral, naturally, being liked more than 128,000 times on the social media platform.

In the ensuing Twitter thread, the girl's sister asserted her sibling "very much did say and send these texts on her own." She also set the record straight that the address mentioned in the text is not their home address and doesn't even exist in the town they live in.

She added that the woman's number is now blocked and that "it’s probably a scam." However, that hasn't stopped her — or Twitter — from laughing at the way her sister responded to the messages.

Responding to all the Twitter uses who told her the little sister is certainly "going places," she agreed: "She’s smart as hell [and] that’s my baby."

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