Can you believe all the crazy things we've done this year? Things that in any other year would be considered weird or odd, but are now "normal."

We will always remember 2020, that's for sure.

Let's take a look at some of the things we do now that we couldn't have imagined doing a year ago.

1. Wearing a mask into a bank. I've been told in the past to take off my sunglasses in the bank. Now, if you walk in without a mask, you're scolded and chased out the door.  (Yes, masks everywhere. All the time. Raise your hand if the only mask you ever wore prior to 2020 was on Halloween!)

2. Working from home. A lot of people started working from home. Even those who have jobs where you couldn't have imagined working from home. (Even me, on occasion!)

3. Kids going to school from home. Wow! This is huge.  I mean there used to be handfuls of kids who were home-schooled, but now, all kids are!

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4. Touching someone's elbow with your elbow. This would have been very weird, right? Now, in this age of no shaking hands and no hugging, we actually yearn for physical contact.

5. How many times have you washed your hands today? Remember when you used to turn on the water, rinse off your hands and be done? It's amazing our fingerprints aren't being washed off.

6. We went out to eat - and stayed outside. Outdoor dining used to mean on a nice waterfront, or in a beautiful patio setting. In 2020 it came to mean eating in a restaurant's parking lot, under a big tent. (Hmmm, just like the circus, right?)

7. Watching concerts on your laptop, desktop, phone, or other device. Remember when we used to go somewhere to hear live music? Miss that....

8. Talking through plexiglass. Wawa, Shoprite, and many other places now have an actual barrier between you and their employees.

9. Watching movies at home. For much of the year, theaters were closed. Who could have imagined that first run movies would all be consumed on the couch.

10. No sports - no fans. A lot of local sports were cancelled. Pro sports rescheduled and reshuffled. Most games were played with little or no fans in attendance. Weird.

11.  The words Zoom, Teams, Quarantine, Pandemic, Coronavirus, and Lockdown entered our everyday conversations. had anyone every heard of a Zoom Meeting before 2020?

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