Dr. Adam Christman, Co-Chief of Staff at Brick Town Veterinary Hospital, was consulted for his expert opinion in this new article from Reader's Digest on common ‘facts’ about dogs that are actually false.

I have been a dog owner and lover and thought I knew it all.....but it turns out there are at least 13 myths that you might also have been believing all these years. Here are 7, with a link to the rest!

Myth #1: Dogs can only see in black and white. This is probably the most popular dog myth. Dr. Christman says that dogs can actually see shades of red and green!!

Myth #2: Dogs only wag their tails when they are happy. They may, in fact, be wagging for a very different reason other than happiness. There are actually different kinds of tail wags (and speeds!) that can mean fear, aggression, or insecurity.

Myth #3: You should introduce yourself to a dog by holding out your hand for the dog to sniff. Sounds right...but it's really NOT! In fact, a dog could see that gesture as a sign of aggression. If you encounter a dog you don't know, you should wait for that dog to come to you. But if you MUST go up to the dog, approach it from the side (not head-on) and don't stare into its eyes!

Myth #4: You can only train a puppy or young dog. Really, you can, in fact, train older dogs. It might just take a little longer.

Myth #5: Spaying/neutering while the dog is young will prevent future issues with their behavior. This is actually not a fact, so don't base 'fixing' your dog on this myth. It may benefit your dog's health to not spay/neuter until adulthood.

Myth #6: Seven human years equals one dog year. This is also one of the most popular myths! The age ratio really changes depending on the size, breed, and genetics of the dog. (For example, bigger dogs age more quickly.)

Myth #7: A cold, wet nose means your dog is healthy. Not necessarily true! Dr. Christman says your dog can have a warm, dry nose and still be fine! So many things can actually affect the state of your dog's nose, from just waking up from a nap to dry air, to allergy season. But if you notice that your dog's nose is constantly dry, cracking, or running, that's when it's time to call a veterinarian!

For more details on the true facts, plus the rest of these 13 fascinating myths, CLICK HERE!

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