Taylor Swift is back in her glory with the hit album Midnights. The superstar jam packed the album with lyrics that will keep you in your feels — celebrating existing love, or unfortunately, pining over an ex.

The pop icon knows what heartache feels like, and she's been singing about it since her self-titled debut album was released in 2006.

Swifties often will lock themselves in their rooms and blast their favorite Swift album to help get them through their emotional ups and downs.

Whether you're newly single and thriving or finally able to get past your ex, the Grammy winner has the innate ability to get you thinking.

It could be the good times — romantic dinners, long walks in the park or great sex — or the bad times — they cheated, were a douche and broke your heart — Swift will have you reflecting on the past.

Here's a list of 20 Taylor Swift lyrics that will have you missing your ex, whether you like it or not! Just please, DO NOT TEXT THEM!

  • 1

    "All Too Well" - 'Red'

    "And you call me up again just to break me like a promise / So casually cruel in the name of being honest."

  • 2

    “Anti-Hero” - 'Midnights'

    When my depression works the graveyard shift, all of the people I've ghosted stand there in the room.” 

  • 3

    "Blank Space" - '1989'

    "So it's gonna be forever / Or it's gonna go down in flames / You can tell me when it's over / If the high was worth the pain.

  • 4

    “Midnight Rain” - 'Midnights'

    And I never think of him, except on midnights like this.”

  • 5

    "Mr. Perfectly Fine" - 'Fearless'

    "And I never got past what you put me through / But it's wonderful to see that it never fazed you.

  • 6

    "I Wish You Would" - '1989'

    "I wish you would come back / Wish I'd never hung up the phone like I did / I wish you knew that / I'd never forget you as long as I'd live." 

  • 7

    "Red" - 'Red'

    "Losing him was blue, like I'd never known / Missing him was dark gray, all alone / Forgetting him was like trying to know somebody you never met / But loving him was red."  

  • 8

    “Bigger Than The Whole Sky” - 'Midnights'

    You were bigger than the whole sky / You were more than just a short time / And I've got a lot to pine about / I've got a lot to live without.” 

  • 9

    "Holy Ground" -'Red'

    "And I guess we fell apart in the usual way / And the story's got dust on every page / But sometimes I wonder how you think about it now / And I see your face in every crowd."  

  • 10

    "this is me trying" - 'folklore'

    "And it's hard to be at a party / When I feel like an open wound / It's hard to be anywhere these days / When all I want is you." 

  • 11

    "Vigilante Shit" - 'Midnights'

    Lately I've been dressin' for revenge.”  

  • 12

    "Forever & Always" - 'Fearless'

    "And I stare at the phone, he still hasn't called / And then you feel so low you can't feel nothing at all / And you flashback to when he said, 'Forever and always.'"  

  • 13

    “Anti-Hero”- 'Midnights'

    It's me, hi, I'm the problem, it's me.”  

  • 14

    "Picture To Burn" - 'Taylor Swift'

    "So watch me strike a match on all my wasted time / As far as I'm concerned, you're just another picture to burn." 

  • 15

    “Question...?” - 'Midnights'

    And what's that that I heard? That you're still with her? That's nice, I'm sure that's what's suitable.”  

  • 16

    "All You Had To Do Was Stay" - '1989'

    "The more I think about it now the less I know / All I know is that you drove us off the road." 

  • 17

    “Midnight Rain” - 'Midnights'

    He wanted a bride, I was making my own name / Chasing that fame, he stayed the same / All of me changed like midnight.”  

  • 18

    “Back To December” - 'Speak Now'

    I go back to December all the time.” 

  • 19

    “Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve” - 'Midnights'

    I can't let this go / I fight with you in my sleep / The wound won't close / I keep on waiting for a sign / I regret you all the time.” 

  • 20

    “Labyrinth” - 'Midnights'

    I'll be gettin' over you my whole life.” 

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