Maybe it's because I don't come from money, but there is no living space that is worth a quarter of a billion dollars.

This place is stunning and has the best views of Manhattan that I've ever seen, but $250 million?

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This jaw-dropping penthouse occupies the top 3 floors of Central Park Tower located at 225 West 57th Street in New York City.

According to the listing, in addition to the $250 million, there are "common charges" of  $28,755, and monthly taxes of roughly $39,609. Chump change, right?

It features seven bedrooms and eleven bathrooms.

Many who choose to live in the city are desperate just to find a tiny studio space, and even then the rent is expensive.

This home is massive with 17,545 square feet of living space, and a floating staircase.
Truthfully, I had never heard of a floating staircase until stumbling upon this listing. Wait until you see it in the tour below.
The penthouse has multiple elevators, a grand salon, a formal dining room, a gourmet kitchen, and a separate catering kitchen, because let's be honest, if you can drop $250 mil on a place, you're not cooking.
There's also an observatory, library, office, family room, media room, gym, ballroom and more.


Want to take a breather without battling NYC crowds, just step out onto the 1,433-square-foot terrace.

What is most alluring about this penthouse is the space. Lots and lots of space.

I love visiting New York, but the traffic, crowds, and congestion aren't my style. But, that's just me. I know a ton of people who dig the hustle and bustle of the city that never sleeps.

Take a step into luxury.

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