What do you do when you need to decide whether you should renovate your existing home or move to a different home in order to accommodate your changing lifestyle?  That is the basic premise of HGTV’s program, Love It or List It.  Hosted by Hilary Farr and David Visentin, the cast also includes Project Manager, Jason Byrd and General Contractor, Eric Eremita.  Together, they provide the decision making homeowner with multiple perspectives, including the reality of renovating the existing home as well as previewing active listings in the housing market.  Although the program is categorized as a Reality TV show, the situation for homeowners facing this dilemma is very much real.  Some of the benefits of remodeling an existing home include an increase in home value, additional comfort and functional living space.  You can also personalize your renovation to suit your style and needs.  Some may perceive moving to be a better option due to the fact they will not be living in a home while it is undergoing construction.  Instead, the homeowner may see value in purchasing a “turnkey” type home in a more desirable neighborhood.  Whichever, decision is best for you, be sure to seek the assistance of industry professionals and get answers to all of your essential questions.

Stephanie Coskey and I had the pleasure of meeting the knowledgeable and talented Eric Eremita at the 2018 Monmouth Film Festival in Red Bank.  The hugely popular tv show has been renewed for another 26 episodes, which should start airing later this year.  The series has aired Monday nights at 9pm, so put this on your binge-watching list and get ready for a new season.

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