There is no better time of the year than summer, and it’s not just because of the beautiful weather and ability to be outside all day long. My favorite part about summer is all of the food and drink creativity that comes with it.

After a day at the beach, my husband and I like to have a couple of friends over to appreciate and the beautiful weather and our good fortune and being able to live close by to some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. Over the summer I have made a couple of cocktails that are too delicious not to share.

Have I snuck a couple into thermoses to bring along with me to the beach? I’ll never tell ...

The ingredients are probably lying around your kitchen, and if they aren’t you can easily grab them.

  • For the spice lover

    If you are into spicy drinks, you’ll want to make this one.

    I first start with a shot or two of tequila and add the flavor from there.

    For this drink I like to use the sparkling lemonade as well as the jalapeño lime juice from Trader Joe's, but you can use any kind of juice relative to those.

  • For “healthy” screwdriver fans

    There is nothing better than a drink with some fresh squeezed orange juice.

    All you need for this is some oranges and vodka.

    I like to juice my oranges so that the juice has a frothy consistency, and pour it overtop vodka and ice.

    This is refreshing and as natural as a cocktail can get.

  • For the person with a sweet tooth

    I love adding watermelon to drinks in the summer for some natural sweetness.

    For a simple watermelon cocktail I like to use a flavored vodka, such as peach, over ice and then add a splash of triple sec.

    I then add watermelon juice, either fresh or from the market and garnish with some fresh basil.

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