Neuroscientists have spoken, and here's why they say you should get to the ocean!

Now there is scientific proof as to why we should all get our fix at the shore! So here's why scientists STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you get to the beach more often:

1. Consider this a 'Blue Space' prescription. That's what experts call it. Blue Space is the feeling of peace and calmness that comes from being near the ocean. The soothing smells and sounds of the water reduce your stress levels. The atmosphere at the beach is full of positive ions that cause you to feel more at ease.

2. Being at the beach affects your brain activity and boosts creativity. It has to do with the soothing smells combined with the sounds of the water. The hypnotic effect helps clear your head and allows you to think outside the box.

3. Spending time at the shore helps reduce the symptoms of depression. You'll feel less of a struggle with sadness and anxiety and be put into more of a meditative state that will infuse you with a happy, relaxed, and re-energized aura.

4. The ocean/beach/shore can change your perspective for the better. A feeling of calmness from being at the beach can help you tune everything else out and help you concentrate on yourself and reflect on life. You'll walk away with a better outlook.

All good for the soul.

P.S. I took this photo at Jenkinson's Beach one late-spring day...can't wait until they plant their palm trees---a sure sign that summer is coming!



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