As the unofficial 'party girl' of the Point (or resident lush as Matt Ryan likes to say), I've been to my fair share of bars in our area, so if you're feeling the need to be a little social for this year's Big Game, here's 5 great places to watch it.

Just a note: seeing as I'm a Monmouth County gal, I know Monmouth County bars best...but don't worry, we'll hook the Ocean County peeps up later this week!

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    Moore's Tavern - 402 W. Main St, Freehold

    Big open bar area, plenty of big HDTVs, and a great menu makes this a cool spot to check out the game. (Not to mention the cool history of the place!)

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    Boathouse Bar & Grill - 1309 Main St, Belmar

    One of my favorite spots any night of the week, Boathouse has plenty of TVs around and some of my favorite bartenders at the Jersey Shore. A favorite with the locals, it's the fun and friendly vibe that makes this a cool place to hang out and check out a game.

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    Park East - 3352 Rt 35, Hazlet

    This place is a very popular spot on weekends, not to mention a stellar restaurant. For football though, the downstairs bar can't be beat. Fun crowd, great drinks, and plenty of screens to catch the action!

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    Bar Anticipation (Bar A) - 703 16th Ave, Lake Como

    If you've never done football at Bar A, prepare yourself. It gets a little crazy, but if you're looking for a good time, you got it. They have plenty of waitresses around to get you food/drinks if you're lucky enough to grab a table --which I HIGHLY get there early!! And of course there are TVs and screens set up all over the place.

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    Fireside Bar & Grill - 133 S. Main St (Rt 79), Marlboro

    This place is one of my new favorite hangouts. For a game, it absolutely can't be beat. Huge HDTVs everywhere you look, there's no way you'll miss a second of the action. Add to that great drink prices, friendly staff, and yummy bar snacks (try the mini pretzels--delish!), and this place seems to make everyone happy.