Here we go, AGAIN, more snow.

If your kid is anything like mine if there's snow...sledding will be happening. She absolutely loves it even if it's freezing and windy. Thank goodness I can just drop her and her friends off and I can stay warm.

5 Best Sledding Hills in Ocean County, NJ

I remember going sledding growing up. The cold never bothered me the way it does now. I don't think you could pay me enough to stand out in the snow, although I do love sledding. Do you remember the days of going out early on a snow day coming home for grilled cheese and then going back out again? Those were the days.

Thank you for all of your responses to awesome sledding hills in Ocean County. With all the responses, these 5 were always on top of the list from emails and Facebook comments.

I've been sledding in Monmouth County at Holmdel Park. It's amazing. The big question is what kind of sled do you like. An original sled is still a favorite for lots of kids. The tubes are pretty fun. How about the disc? That was always fun, but mine was sort of metalish and it was always cold. There are still blue discs that are pretty popular. I do see lots of snowboards where the kids put their boots in these holder thingies, seems pretty fun. It's like a "fake" snowboarding.

Where is the best sledding hill in Ocean County? We'd love to know. Maybe there is a hill that you don't want to giveaway, I understand. Keep it to yourself. These snow hills are always usually crowded. Enjoy the snow, go down a hill.


Snow this weekend, check out these pictures:


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