Stay safe and enjoy the summer. But keep in mind these 5 things!

Christopher Merkel, The Monmouth County Department of Health's Public Health Coordinator, makes it seem pretty simple:

1. Use sunscreen!

2.  Remember to protect yourself from ticks!

3. Prevent mosquitoes—empty containers with water around your yard!

4. Never swim at an unguarded beach!

5. Continue to social distance, wash your hands frequently or use a hand sanitizer if soap and water is unavailable, and cover a cough or sneeze. And wear a mask when out in public!

The Monmouth County Department of Health has a great website that can help you in all health aspects of your life, from bug bites to being safe at a reopened restaurant, from  swimming guidelines to Covid-19 issues and all things in-between.

CLICK HERE for all the info our County Health Dept. has to offer plus sign up for important updates!

Since the pandemic began, the Monmouth County Health Dept. has been active in so many areas including

-- Using volunteer school nurses, registered environmental health specialists the Medical Reserve Corp., and  to perform contract tracing: working with patients who have tested positive for COVID-19 to identify and provide support to those they were in contact with who have been exposed and are quarantined (an important step in re-opening New Jersey.)

-- Coordinating with business and industry as our state reopens to ensure the food establishments are following all the health and safety guidelines and working with seasonal facilities to guide them through the re-opening process.

-- Reaching out to homeless shelters, child care centers, group homes, as well as the Monmouth County SPCA and Humane Society to provide them timely and accurate information and guidance on COVID19.

-- Assisting with food pantry donations and distribution

-- Working with long term care centers regarding outbreaks, staffing needs, and Personal Protective equipment requests

-- Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) distribution initiatives for Monmouth County hospitals.

For more info on how the Monmouth County Health Department can serve your needs, CLICK HERE.

I would also like to thank New Jersey Natural Gas for being such a big supporter of those who help our community, like the Monmouth County Health Department.

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