As we head into summer at the Shore...would you give up your flip flops for these reasons?

Some may seem obvious, and some you may just roll your eyes at...but when I hear the words STAPH INFECTION -- it's enough to make me pause.

According to some doctors and experts, walking in BARE FEET is even better than wearing flip flops. Of course, we all know the 'no shoes, no shirts, no service' policy at many places around here, but are flip flops really a good alternative?

According to some health journals and publications, here are just some of the things that are bad about wearing flip flops:

-- They do NOT give your feet the proper support, and can cause you to walk wrong and affect your whole posture, not to mention they can put a terrible strain on your ankles.

-- With no protection for your toes, flip flops can lead to abrasions and even worse if you run into something with those toes exposed to the world. And you're not likely to be walking in perfect balance while in flip flops to begin with.

-- Wearing flip flops can lead to hammer toes. YUCK!!!!! Why? Because the way your toe knuckles have to move up and down to keep the flip flops on your feet are exactly the move you should be avoiding if you don't want disgusting hammer toes.

-- Your precious feet can pick up germs (think about people who spit on the ground, leftover dog poop, etc.) that could lead to STAPH INFECTIONS!!!!!!!!!! In case you haven't heard, a staph infection could, well, KILL YOU.

-- Add to that a HOST of other potential problems, including shooting pains in your hips and lower back, damage to your heels, blisters, and that flip flops can make bunions worse...and I may be thinking twice about spending too much time in mine!

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