Mother's Day is Sunday. What do Moms of the Jersey Shore really want for the big day? I asked some real Jersey Shore Mom's and you may be surprised at how simple their requests are!

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    "A Simple Note" - Tiffany in Howell

    Tiffany said that she would be thrilled with a "love note" from her husband. As far as the kids, she said you can never go wrong with homemade. It could be cards, art, anything original.

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    "Time to Read a Book" - Tracy in Wall

    Last year Tracy's husband asked her what books she was interested in. He surprised her with the books, bought her some snacks, took the kids for the day and made dinner. This was all while she was able to relax with her favorite read all day long.

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    "A Cease Fire" - Donna in Brick

    Donna asks for the same gift every year: "An entire day of the kids getting along — no fighting." This requires effort from the whole family, old and young. After all, we all know 25 year old's who act like children. Give Mom at least one day off.

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    "A Cleaning Service...At Least for One Visit" - Laura in Pt. Pleasant

    Do an internet search for a cleaning service and have them do an overhaul on the house. Better yet, roll up your sleeves and do it yourself. The ultimate goal - a clean house with no effort from Mom. Because without her we'd be buried in laundry and who knows what!

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    "Relaxation" - Every Mom at the Jersey Shore

    Relaxation for Mom could come in many forms. It could be a day at the spa. Not only was this the most popular response when asking Mom's, but most said they would prefer a couple's massage over going solo. Find a creative way for Mom to take a breather.