We have been having a blast introducing our new morning show co-host Shannon Holly to you for the past few weeks. Thanks for all the support. We reached out to you to come up with a new name for the new morning show, and you had the creative juices flowing.

This new morning show is your morning show, so it makes perfect sense that we would ask you to help us make that decision, so we asked you to come up with some great names (which you guys did, they were awesome) and then we asked you to vote for your favorite.

Before we unveil the winner, Shannon and I wanted to give some love to some great names that didn't win the vote. So here are some great names we love that we'll give Honorable Mention honors to.


Lou & Shannon at The Basie
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Sausage & Pepper In The Morning. Some things going for it, it's food, it's boardwalk food, and it's funny!

Holly Lou Ya...So clever and so funny! Great job on this one.

The Shannon and What's His Name Morning Show...You know how much I love my own name, so that's what makes this just hysterical.



Holly Lou Ya...Shannon loves this one too. One of the most creative we heard.

Revo Lou Shan...Another really creative suggestion. We love how you got the names in there!

Real Housewife Of The Jersey Shore and Him. If there's ever been a name that says it all right! Great job with this one!

So, which name ultimately got the most votes. What's going to be the name of this new morning show? The show whose sole purpose is to entertain, inform and wake up the Jersey Shore every morning?

Here it is...our winner...The Jersey Shore Morning Show With Lou & Shannon

Thank you so much for all your votes, and thanks for all your support! This is your morning show, and Shannon and I can't wait to be a part of your mornings each day!

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