Usually, when you think of polar plunges you expect the graphic of a polar bear to help promote the event.  However, Daytop New Jersey proudly presents their penguin to encourage volunteers to Take the Plunge for Recovery on February 8th (Saturday) at the 4th Avenue Beach in Asbury Park.  Penguins are social animals that live in colonies, depending on one another to raise their young, establish homes and protect themselves.  Therefore, the penguin has become a symbolic icon, which represents the much needed group support to help improve recovery rates.  Much like the penguins, recovery also requires a “colony” of people, including family, friends and a network of nurturing individuals to provide support.  You can get your team together to Take the Plunge for Recovery and help Daytop reach their $65,000 goal.  The money raised will provide the necessary treatment to help those overcome substance-abuse disorders.  Registration begins at 10am with the plunge starting at 1pm.  After you take the plunge, you can enjoy the after party at McLoone’s at 1:30pm.  Click PENGUIN for more information and to register for the event.

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