The Polar Bear Plunge is coming back to Seaside Heights this weekend. Perfect timing for this promotional film for Seaside Heights' "Sun and Fun" campaign from 1960 to resurface. It's an awesome throwback with that old time music and narrator you used to see and hear in school. Check out the Seaside Heights that many have forgotten, until now.

Seaside tourism 1960

It was discovered by Peter J. Smith, Director of the Seaside Heights Office of Public Relations. It was converted to modern video format by Joe Verderosa of Greenrose Media.

Peter had seen this film once before in his life, when it was shown by Mr. Hugh J. Boyd, Principal of his namesake school in Seaside Heights.

Peter spent five years looking for this video inside the Borough Hall. One day, he had to reach high on a shelf to retrieve a box of 8 radios. However, the box only had 7 radios inside. This made him grab a stepladder and look for the radio. The radio was found on top of a reel of film, which turned out to be the long-lost Sun and Fun video.

J. Stanley Tunney appears in this film and is believed to occasionally make a paranormal visit to the Borough Hall.

Also, check out this far out 80s footage from Seaside!

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