I love my wine...and my Tito's cosmo...but sometimes you just want a beer!  Clearly, I don't discriminate when it comes to my adult beverages.   Are you a beer buff? A consoeur of brewskis? If you love a meeting place that is all about stellar craft beer then you’ll love what is coming to Gloucester County in our beautiful state of New Jersey! 

Bonesaw Brewing Company is launching a second brewery called Bonesaw Pilot House and it will be in the Deptford Mall 

Bonesaw Brewing has become super-popular in a short period of time after they opened in Glassboro.  Lucky for us, they decided to keep the momentum going!  It turns out we love great craft beer in the Garden State…who knew? 

They expect it to open in late 2022.  I did not realize this but when an establishment is registered as a brewery, they are not allowed to serve food and that is going to be the case here. So come on a full stomach to sample all the beers you can handle. They are going to have indoor and outdoor seating available as well as a huge tasting room.   

If it is going to be anything like the original Bonesaw Brewing Co, the buildout is going to take a while. It has such attention to detail in terms of their vibe and style. They started the build-out already located on the south side, lower level of the mall. You can read more about in the original 42freeway article here

Bonesaw Pilot House will be located at 1750 Deptford Center Road in the Deptford Mall.  We can't wait!  Again, make sure you eat before you head out.  Need to know where to get the best burger in New Jersey?  We did the hard work of finding out exactly where you need to go!

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