If you have ANY information at all, please call Joe Savoca at (732) 788-0184 ir tge Aberdeen Police Department at (732) 566-2054. For photos of what the pugs look like, head to APP.com

An Aberdeen man needs our help so let's rally together, Jersey Shore!

His name is Joseph Savoca and on October 22nd, he went into the Goodwill Store in Cliffwood Beach while leaving his two adorable pugs named Basil and Joyce in the car.

When he came out, the dogs were missing and all signs point to that the pugs were stolen.

“It’s really tragic,” Savoca said. “They meant a lot to us. I’m sick about it.”

And as it turns out, the reason that Joseph brought along the dogs was because it is where they were most comfortable.

“Those dogs were super attached to us,” he said. “If we left Basil in the house he would start crying. He wanted to go everywhere with us.”

***Below are descriptions of the suspected car and passenger that are the prime suspects of the case. Please imagine if your pet was taken away from you in the blink of an eye and how awful you would feel so report any and all information*** 

When 71-year-old Joseph filed a report with Aberdeen police, surveillance footage shows a gray, four-door Nissan sedan that pulled up next to Savoca's car while he was in the store.

No one from this mystery vehicle entered the store and the passenger who got out of the car apparently even used a nearby shopping cart to block the camera's view! The passenger is being described as a, "male subject with darker skin, possibly Hispanic or Black, wearing blue jeans, a camouflage hooded jacket with similar colored round brim hat." 

“The vehicle does not have a front (license) plate on it and appears to have an out-of-state plate on the back,” the police report reads. “State and registration were unreadable through the surveillance cameras.”

Joe has been handing out flyers offering a cash reward for whoever can locate the missing pugs, no questions asked.

He added, “We’re very traumatized. The whole thing is awful.”

If you have ANY information at all, please call Joe Savoca at (732) 788-0184 ir tge Aberdeen Police Department at (732) 566-2054. 

We are waiting on photos of the pugs but you can take a look at APP.com.

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