I came across a video on YouTube of a man talking about his latest win at a poker table in Atlantic City.

The man in the video rambles on about his big night at the table, and how he *CHIRP* played this one hand, and, honestly it's kind of *CHIRP* boring.

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The more his story *CHIRP* drags on, I start noticing *CHIRP* more and more *CHIRP* the sound *CHIRP* of a smoke detector chirping *CHIRP* in the background.

Here's this guy rattling off *CHIRP* each and every card that was played *CHIRP*, but he seems oblivious to the DANG CHIRPING SOUND IN THE BACKGROUND!
Go ahead, press play and see if you notice it!

C'mon man who flashes hundred dollar bills! Go out and buy some dang batteries! Heck, you have the dough, pick up the phone and hire somebody to come over and replace the dang batteries!

Are your senses so keenly zeroed in on your cards that you don't notice the danger around you?

If you can't tell, my anxiety level is now THIS HIGH!

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