“Don’t drink, don’t smoke, what do you do…?” Remember the video on MTV? Goody Two Shoes was featured on the 1982 album, Friend or Foe. Adam Ant co-wrote the song to respond to the intrusive press who disregarded his preference for privacy. After the press learned he was not into drugs, alcohol or even cigarettes, they asked, “what do you do?!” Ah, now the song makes sense!

Sometimes when the lyrics are so catchy and you sing along, you don’t give much thought to the meaning of the song. Although his stage presence is beyond charismatic with the outlandish costumes and war-paint, Adam Ant enjoys his quiet time out of the spotlight and finds it necessary to decompress. The press couldn’t get over the fact that he’s high energy on stage and pretty low key when he’s not entertaining. So, they got a song and a video directly from the artist himself.

Adam Ant is bringing his Anthems Tour to the Paramount Theatre in Asbury Park this Saturday, July 21st. Click here for Adam Ant’s official website. The Anthem Tour setlist includes “Beat My Guest,” “Friend or Foe.” “Prince Charming” and of course “Goody Two Shoes.”

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