I always love traveling for a fun day into the city however there is always that fear of looking in your bag at the end of the day and not having your prized possessions.

Well, there is now a new backpack that can't get pick-pocketed!

Check out the Genius Backpack!

The zipper is located on the inside against your back so thieves can never get their grimy hands on your stuff. Not to mention, there is a USB port to charge your phone and the material is water and stain resistant. (Which is a huge plus for a klutz like me)

There is an insane amount of space so you could pretty much pack up your laptop, notebooks, and even your couch to bring along with you for the day. There are even secret pockets that are hidden for you to put extra important things in.

And don't forget about the pockets that are on the straps for you to have easy access to when using public transportation.

Check out a video that will show you how to use your backpack in action here and order it here!

If you get me one for Christmas, I like black!

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