Sending out a HUGE thank you to the devilishly handsome Chris Varacchi from our sister station, 105.7 The Hawk for this awesome virtual activity.

Have you ever gone on an Alpaca tour?

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Well now you can thanks to Arrow Acres Farm in Wall!

Here are a few videos so you can get the idea of what you are in for!

According to, here are some Alpaca fun facts to learn before you tune in!

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1. There are two breed of alpacas, the huacaya and the suri. The huacaya have fluffy hair, much like a teddy bear. The suri have long wavy hair that hangs off its body.

2. Alpacas have soft pads on the bottom of their feet which don’t dig into the ground like the hooves of a horse or a cow.

3. Much like llamas, alpacas are known to spit when they’re annoyed with someone or angry with someone.


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