Poor Pauly D! The 'Jersey Shore' alum fathered a lovechild with a Hooters waitress, and now he's got some baby mama drama brewing. Sources close to the tan-happy reality star say that his daughter's mother won't allow him to see the tyke.

A Pauly D pal revealed to Radar Online that the DJ was devastated when his baby mama, Amanda Markert, stood him up for a visit with their little girl over the holidays. “The two were set to meet up around Christmas, but Amanda stood him up. He had all of Amabella’s Christmas gifts, so he was really upset.”

How sad is that?! Thankfully, Pauly D is working hard to meet up with baby Amabella again ... but Markert reportedly isn't making it easy.

“Pauly has been trying to set up a second meeting, but Amanda and her attorney keep denying the visits," the source said. "He didn’t want to get the courts involved, but she’s given him no choice. Pauly hopes the judge will mandate custody time.”

Here's hoping these two can work it out, because ultimately, by hurting each other, they're only really hurting Amabella -- and themselves.

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