New Jersey, we can't even lie that it didn't hurt when Amazon decided to set up their second headquarters in New York.

But I guess New York just is not that into them? The duo broke it off -- and on Valentine's Day nonetheless.

So I think it is the perfect time for New Jersey to swoop in and be Amazon's rather permanent rebound location for their second headquarters.

So maybe if we all profess our love to Amazon and tell them why Jersey should be their choice, it will be effective.

For example:

"Dear Amazon,

You are still looking for the location of your second headquarters and New Jersey is without a doubt the perfect place.

Thousands of jobs are just waiting to be filled by New Jersey residents and how much do you want to bet that Jersey employees will be your new favorite? 

Not to mention, Amazon would have major location benefits being equally as far from New York City as you would be from Philly. 

So Amazon, New York is out and it is time to make New Jersey your number 1. 

We thank you, 

Your future headquarters location - the one and only New Jersey. 

P.S. I know we threatened to end our Amazon Prime subscriptions when you first announced NYC as your first-choice location, but we didn't and that should mean something" 

You feel me?

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