Meet the newest member of Turtle Back Zoo.

Sometimes you just need a break from all the bad stuff and a chance to look at something adorable.

So here's a rare Leopard cub who was born on Friday, March 13th, at Turtle Back Zoo.

Her name is Nadya. She is being hand-raised.

This rare subspecies of leopard is found in the far east of Russia. There may only be about 84 of the Amur leopards living in the wild.

Nadya could weigh up to 90-pounds and measure up to 6-feet long by the time she is finished growing.

Here's a message on Turtle Back Zoo's Facebook page:

"Mom Annika had been under baby watch for months. Cameras in her den monitored the cub closely after birth. When Annika did not nurse the newborn cub, it was decided by veterinarian staff and management at Turtle Back Zoo, in consultation with the Species Survival Plan coordinator, to begin hand rearing. Cub and mom are happy and healthy. Nadya will remain off exhibit for the time being as she receives around the clock care by our dedicated animal care staff. Stay connected with us for updates and photos!"

Until the zoo can reopen, there are plenty of segments about their animals that you can see by CLICKING HERE!

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