LINDEN — It was bottles of red, not white, that were thrown at employees of a liquor store by an angry customer in November.

Linden police released video Sunday of a customer wearing a New York Yankees t-shirt that came into Beno's Liquors on Wood Avenue around 5:15 p.m. on Nov. 30 and tried to buy a small bottle of liquor. When he didn't have enough to make his purchase he grabbed several bottles of red wine from a display at the front counter and threw them at two employees behind the register.

Police said the customer also threatened to kill them.

The employees tried to protect themselves from the bottles which knocked several bottles off a display behind them. He walked out of the store carrying a clear plastic container of small liquor bottles.

Suspect who threw wine bottles at employees of Beno's Liquor in Linden 11/30/22
Suspect who threw wine bottles at employees of Beno's Liquor in Linden 11/30/22 (Linden police)

The customer caused approximately $3,000 worth of damage, according to authorities.

Linden police asked anyone with information about this incident to call 908-474-8552 or share information anonymously via email to

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