In the past year, there have been shortages of many things from toilet paper to coins. Now, it seems like there is a shortage of staff members for businesses. Many business owners believe it is because of all of the "free" money that the government has been giving to unemployed Americans.

According to, business owners are worried that they will not have enough staff members for the summer rush. The owner of Atlantic Bar & Grill in South Seaside Park told, “We need 40 or more employees and I’m getting scared.” That has to be stressful because we all know how busy businesses get during the summer. This summer will be especially busy since many people want to be out doing fun things since the summer of 2020 was a quarantined summer.

Now the question is, is the government making Americans prefer not to work and just live off of the unemployment checks, ultimately becoming extremely lazy? The answer can easily be yes. Maybe it is not that Americans are becoming lazy but perhaps they are seeing it as "I am getting more money from unemployment benefits with the extra check than I would actually be getting from working a job." People are right with that but if you think about it there are way more cons to not working and just collecting money than there are pros.

Some of the cons can be:

  • Possibly can't purchase a new house because you have no proof of employment since you have just been collecting unemployment.
  • The day the unemployment checks start getting cut you will start to stress because there will be too much competition to get a job.
  • You don't have any benefits
  • Big resume gap between jobs

We learned from that some business owners understand why people are not trying to get a job yet and have said that Americans are "getting benefits they are entitled to." It was also said, "It’s not like they’re taking something that they haven’t earned.”

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