If your home is full of useless stuff and you're becoming overwhelmed by all the junk in your life, here are some tips to get your house back in order.

These tips may sound like 'tough love', but they really work if you can take a little time to do them and not get sentimental about keeping everything 'just in case':

1. Never buy souvenirs.

2. Somewhere, keep an entirely empty shelf or drawer.

3. Get rid of newspapers and magazines as soon as possible. Never keep a newspaper overnight, and never keep a magazine for more than two months.

4. Fight the piles that accumulate in the hallway, in corners, on bedside tables, and on the kitchen or  dining room table.

5. Never accept anything for free, unless you're thrilled with it.

6. Keep your keys in the same place every day.

7. Every night before bed, do a tidy-up to put away everything that's out of place.

8. Make your bed every morning.

9. Hang up your coat when you walk in the door.