LAKEWOOD — A resident arrived home Sunday night and found an arrow had been shot through their front door.

Lakewood police Capt. Gregory Staffordsmith said the metal arrow went through the top half of the front door of a house on Engleberg Terrace and was likely shot from a crossbow. The incident is being investigated as a "suspicious incident."

No one was injured by the arrow which was discovered by the resident around 7 p.m., according to Staffordsmith.

The arrow did not make it completely through the door with the feathers on the back of the arrow still visible from the outside, according to pictures posted by The Lakewood Scoop, which was first to report about the incident.

The shaft of the arrow inside the house was bent in the middle.

Back of an arrow that went through the front door of a Lakewood home 1/15/23
Back of an arrow that went through the front door of a Lakewood home 1/15/23 (The Lakewood Scoop)

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