For those in need in Asbury Park, there is help. And it comes in many forms from this amazing organization.

The Mercy Center, with Sister Carol as Executive Director, is doing so many great things for the Asbury Park community.

Founded by the Sisters of Mercy, Mercy Center in Asbury Park provides programs and services that empower, enrich and educate people facing socio-economic challenges so that they can realize their full potential, with a special emphasis on women and children.

The current Covid-19 crisis is having a serious impact on families in the Asbury Park  community. If you know someone in need in Asbury Park, Mercy Center is there for them, Here are just some of their services:

-- Mercy Center Emergency Services has been up and running providing food -- sometimes even delivering it when necessary. Mercy Center has also provided help with housing expenses.

-- Social Workers from the Family Resource Center have been remotely staying in touch with their families and supporting them in any way they need.

-- While the court system is not open, the Victim & Witness Program Advocates continue to make sure families are safe and stable.

And then there is Sisters Academy, an all-girls school in Asbury Park and part of The Mercy Center.

At Sisters Academy, all the girls have been working from home during the Covid crisis and attending school remotely. Daily there has been 100% attendance. They have enjoyed attending Zoom classes each day and seeing each other.

Sisters Academy anticipates a new incoming 5th grade in September!

Mercy Center serves as a beacon of hope on Main Street in Asbury Park. Everyone at Mercy Center has been working so hard to make life a bit better in spite of our current pandemic.

To find out about all the services Mercy Center offers or how you can help support this wonderful organization, CLICK HERE.

Or call 732-774-9397.

A big thank you to New Jersey Natural Gas for their community outreach and support of area non-profits like Mercy Center that are helping our community. NJNG is a shining example of outreach that connects those in need with the services that can help them! CLICK HERE for more info.

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