Frightened of the undead? Asbury Park is getting a pass this year.

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What started as a small hangout at the VFW Hall in Asbury Park in 2008 has grown into a massive gathering of tens of thousands known as the Asbury Park Zombie Walk.

Due to COVID, the traditional creepy crawl down the boardwalk and around Asbury Park won't be happening. Talk about ultimate irony. Even zombies can't get around COVID, lol. But, fear not walking dead!

Like other walks planned at the Jersey Shore, Asbury Park Zombie Walk will be virtual and it will happen Saturday, October 3. Details are on the way, so watch this space!

While it won't be in-person, participants will be welcomed to go all out with their look and cruise their neighborhoods, or just stay put at home.

Here's the official statement from Asbury Park Zombie Walk organizers.

Due to continuing health concerns and unrest affecting the entire country, we have made the decision to not have a physical Zombie Walk in Asbury Park for 2020. We simply can't run the risk of exposing our volunteers & makeup artists, local businesses & employees - and most importantly our participants and the residents of Asbury Park to a virus which continues to spike around the country. New Jersey has been combating COVID-19 longer than most of the nation, and by working together as a community we have successfully “flattened the curve” over the last few months. This has paved the way for schools, businesses and restaurants to reopen in the state, but we must remain overly cautious if we are to keep this very real virus from resuming its spread. It seems like the ultimate irony that an actual viral pandemic is keeping our zombies from converging on the Boardwalk this October, but it is with the health and safety of every one of you in mind that we cannot host the Zombie Walk in Asbury Park this year.


That doesn’t me that we can’t rise up and take this as an opportunity to shamble in a way we’ve never done before. The 2020 Zombie Walk is going VIRTUAL. We’re thinking up ways for everyone to participate this year from your own homes and neighborhood. In a way this year’s event will be unprecedented, for the first (and hopefully only) time we’ll all be spread out – in a way bringing the Zombie Walk EVERYWHERE AT ONCE! Be on the lookout for updates and announcements on our website and Facebook page over the next week. We miss you all and look forward to planning a bigger and better Asbury Park event in 2021. In the meantime let’s make the most of this situation and still have some fun!

Let's make the best out of this year and get excited for a bigger and better!


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