At this point....I don't know which businesses WILL survive the economic ramifications of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Another closure has been announced.

Frederick Rast, the owner of independently-owned Atlantic Cinemas has announced that have shut their doors for good as of November 15th.

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This movie theater has been in business for more than 99 years on First Avenue in Atlantic Highlands.

And it is all to do with one thing: this stupid Coronavirus Pandemic.

Everyone has been quarantining and as a result, watched all of their favorite shows, movies and new releases on streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, Disney+, Hulu and more.

And because of this new way of life in 2020, remaining open just became too expensive.

"It’s just complete money drain on everything," Rast said. "I just can’t keep it going."

Atlantic Highlands residents are taking the news hard.

"People always want to be entertained, and streaming is a new way for a lot of people," said Atlantic Highlands Councilman Jon Crowley who said he chose to live in this town because of the theater scene. But "when we emerge from COVID, people are really going to want to get out of their house. People will gravitate back to theater. It may take a while."

I get that this news is hard to take but movie theaters across the country -- both large chains and independently owned -- have had to shutter their doors. This is just not the time to be in theater business, unfortunately.

The only saving grace would be a buyer that comes into the picture to save the day.

So if you know someone who would possibly be capable and willing, let them know so we can save a local Jersey Shore business.

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