This would be the day that I would normally recap the top movies at the weekend box office, but this week that doesn't matter. The senseless tragedy in Aurora is the the only thing weighing on our minds.

Many of the movie companies have appropriately decided to withhold any box office numbers for this weekend anyway. It just simply doesn't matter. What does matter is that each of us keep the victims and their families in our thoughts and prayers.

And what matters is that we all realize how quickly everything about our lives can change in a heartbeat. What matters is that we learn to take nothing for granted. And what matters is that we are there for each other.

Tragedies like Aurora and 9/11 always bring people closer together, and we find ourselves being there for each other. We manage to find time to be great neighbors and friends. And nothing in our busy schedules gets in our way in times of tragedy. We all wonder how someone could do this to innocent people. And we worry. We worry even more than before about every little thing.

It was nice when our big concern was what was #1 at the box office. It's not a concern today.

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