Avril Lavigne shed one of her style security blankets -- thick, black eyeliner -- for a major makeover for the January issue of Allure. Actually, it was more of a makeunder for the singer, known for her rocker chick look.

Lavigne, who usually frames her face with a thick curtain of straight hair, posed in barely there makeup with stick straight locks and bangs in one of the images from the shoot. She looked, in a word, gorge. As in gorgeous!

The other setup found the singer with wavy hair and back in her comfort zone -- with smoky eyes!

Lavigne, who confessed that her go to is MAC's Smolder eyeliner, said that her style has evolved to be that of a chic rocker. "I rock black leather jackets a lot. I go for a more sophisticated rocker versus the tomboy I started out as," the singer said.

She also wasn't afraid to say that her long hair is like a veil of protection for her.

"I like to have long hair," she said. "I wear it down a lot, especially because I have more of a tomboyish style. I’m a shy person, so my hair is maybe a safety net."

When you have amazing, lush hair like Av, it makes sense to wear it long and down!

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