I've got to admit, I've been getting a bit nostalgic over the past year or two with the return of some retailers.

It wasn't that long ago that we learned that Toys 'R Us was returning to select Macy's locations.

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Are these the Toys 'R Us stores that we remember as kids, no, but Geofery the Giraffe is there for everyone to see. It's just enough to make you want to be a "Toys 'R Us Kid" again.

The response to these "mini-stores" has been pretty good. You can find all of the basics like traditional toys, classic board games, and the latest trends.

With the Toys 'R Us relaunch considered a success, we learned of another "'R Us" brand set to make a comeback as well.

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Since there are only two, yes, I'm talking about Babies 'R Us.

When I was growing up in Toms River, there was Toys 'R Us, Friendly's, and Babies 'R Us all in the same shopping center.

I loved going to two of the three and dreaded the other one as a tike. Any guesses?

In 2018, Babies 'R Us closed all of its U.S. stores due to financial issues.

Now, retail issues certainly haven't gotten better since 2018.

Well, that hasn't stopped Babies 'R Us from planning the opening of its U.S. flagship store. Not only that, but it's going to be in Jersey.

Where is the Babies 'R Us store in New Jersey?

According to NJ.com, American Dream in East Rutherford will house the brand new 10,000 square-foot Babies 'R Us.

It's set to open to the public Wednesday, July 19.

A spokesperson for the baby brand shared some details on what to expect at Babies 'R Us 2.0 and let's just say it's nothing like what we used to remember.

The <a href="https://www.nj.com/news/2023/01/babies-r-us-will-return-to-the-us-with-a-flagship-store-at-njs-american-dream-mega-mall.html" target="_blank">Babies “R” Us store </a>will be geared toward new and expecting parents and will have interactive experiences such as a Stroller Test Track, a Bon Voyage Photo-Opp station where parents can announce their new arrival, and a Wishing Tree, where friends and family members can share their well wishes for the baby.

Do you plan on checking the new Babies 'R Us out?

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