I'm off to wedding #6 of the year tomorrow, followed by some much needed time off, and as is bound to happen when I go on vacation, I've been hit with some bad luck.

Why do I say I have bad vacation luck? Well, it's (fortunately) never that bad, usually just enough to stress me out a bit, but let's see: There was the trip to New Orleans in 2010 where a massive snow storm cut my trip from 6 days down to 3...the 2012 Cape Cod excursion which ended in a trip to the doctor, and of course the semi-disaster that was a trip to the Caribbean back in January...

What is it this time?

Laurie Cataldo thumbs down
That's not really the finger I wanted to extend. (Laurie Cataldo)

Some [expletive-deleted] stole my check card number and decided to make a bunch of purchases (how many subscriptions to match.com do ya need, buddy?!?) on my dime.

Luckily I check my account every day, so I caught it immediately, but obviously the bank had to cancel my card, and I won't get the new one before I leave, which means I either have to carry a bunch of cash around this weekend (no thanks) or use a credit card for every little thing (annoying!)

I sure hope this fool wasn't expecting to become rich off of me, because, ha. If you're going to steal someone's card number, why wouldn't you pick someone who actually has a lot of money, and wouldn't notice if some of it was missing? I'm keeping track of every last dime, my friend!

Suck it up like the rest of us, and get a damn job. 'Career criminal' doesn't count.

So friends, be vigilant. Check your accounts often so you can handle this kind of thing while it's still a bad dream and not a full-blown nightmare!

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