You would think money grows on trees with all these new fines and added expenses that are coming to light in New Jersey.

Well here is the most recent one -- and it is kind of absurd.

If the bill officially becomes a law, releasing a balloon in New Jersey could cost you $500! (No -- we are not kidding)

Now my mind immediately went to the memory of accidentally losing a balloon as a kid. The thought of that kind of mistake costing $500 is absurd.

But luckily, the bill would exempt a minor who releases five or fewer balloons at once or if it was for scientific purposes and released indoors.

Now the reason behind it kind of makes sense.  Balloons post as a threat to wildlife and marine animals who mistake these balloons for food. Not to mention, they could get caught in the string.

Believe it or not, Atlantic City already has a very similar ordinance in affect.

According to officials, a complete ban “is the most effective means of achieving a significant reduction in balloon debris and the environmental harm this debris causes.”

Okay if it helps the environment, I think they may have changed my mind. Plus, aren't balloons more fun when you have in your possession anyways?

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