David Portnoy, founder of the sports and pop-culture website Barstool Sports made a surprise stop at Pete & Elda's Bar and Carmine's Pizzaria in Neptune City to review their pie.

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One Bite with Davey Pageviews is a wildly popular internet show that Portnoy created, which consists of him reviewing pizza. He began his goal of reviewing every pizza place in Manhattan in 2017.

David Portnoy is hilarious and direct. He does not hold back. So, 1-10, how did Pete & Elda's make out? Take a look. Warning - this video may not be safe for work.

There's no doubt that Pete & Elda's is a Jersey Shore landmark. However, I've found that locals have very different opinions about their pizza. Some think it's the best of the best, others feel P&E's pie is overrated.

I think David nailed it. Pete & Elda's and Carmine's pizza is bar pizza. If it's traditional gourmet you're looking for, you're not going to find it there. By the way, 'bar pizza' is not an insult. El Presidente, Portnoy loves bar pizza which gave Pete & Elda's an immediate advantage. While he thought $14 for a pie was "ridiculous," David enjoyed the fact that it wasn't greasy (like most bar pies) and "super light." He went as far as to say he feels like he's on a cloud when eating the pizza due to its fluffiness.

Then, without hesitation, he gave Pete & Elda's an 8.1. If you're not familiar with Portnoy's previous pizza reviews, that's a good score.

How would you score Pete & Elda's pizza? Tell me in the comments below.

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