For those ages 10 - 25, The Count Basie Center for the Arts is holding an online talent show tournament for area performers! Here's how you can enter and possibly win.

Arts Madness is The Basie's way of honoring its nonprofit mission to inspire, educate and entertain. This talent competition seeks one-minute videos showcasing individual arts talents -- from palying the violin, to singing, comedy, performing a musical theatre piece, the greatest hit of a local band, an electric guitar lick, even mini-filmmakers -- there's really no limit. If it's steeped in the arts, it's eligible!

Send in your piece right now. Starting this Friday, 32 of the best videos will be moved into bracket form and an online vote will begin. This is a 3-week tournament so if you know of a musician, local band, dancer, actor, comedian, or musical theatre performer who might be interested, tell them to enter! The first selections in the 'round of 32' will debut on The Basie's social media channels by the end of this week!

From there, it's up to the general public: voting rounds will be posted and fans can cheer on their favorites, moving all the way down to a Final Four and Championship Round in April.

And what's in it for the winner? Well, a winner will be crowned on April 17th, and receive an opportunity to perform on the Basie Center stage later this year!

Interested artists may submit a video (or link) to

For all details, CLICK HERE!

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