During my daily stroll through my social media pages, I am constantly finding some crazy products being advertised. Some I have to question if they are actually going to make them for consumer sales or if they are just for entertainment purposes.

We can all probably agree at one point or another that there are times we have become addicted to our technology. There are times I have caught myself spending more time on my phone or laptop, checking my social media pages, texting, or answering calls. Sometimes it just becomes too much, which is why I will NOT be purchasing a shower curtain that holds your technology so you can use it while you shower.

It’s bad enough that people are so used to me answering my phone right away, that if I don’t answer, they worry. Although my mom said I was born with a phone attached to me, there are times I do like to be away from it. I don’t know about you, but when I take a shower I like to enjoy the peace and serenity it brings me. The last thing I want to do is have a head full of shampoo, butt naked, receiving a Facetime call. Not happening! It sells for about $27.00 on Amazon for those of you that just can’t step away.


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