There was a recent survey that found on average, people need to spend 67 minutes outside each day to feel refreshed.

There are so many mental and physical benefits to being outdoors.

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Now with sunny skies and warm temperatures in New Jersey, it's nice to spend as much time as possible outside and away from our phones, computers, and TVs.

Sometimes you just need a break from technology.

Spending time in nature and taking in all the sights and sounds can lower your stress level.

I enjoy going for walks outside and was researching different walking trails in New Jersey and found an article that really caught my attention.

Love Exploring talked about the best hiking trails in every state.

The trail they picked in New Jersey sounds amazing. The view looks gorgeous. Just be careful it can get pretty steep in some areas.

The Best Hiking Trail in New Jersey

Stairway to Heaven, Vernon Valley

Soak in seven miles of New Jersey's portion of the Appalachian Trail and head out for a walk from Pochuck Valley Trail to Pinwheel Vista. The hike starts pleasantly with a boardwalk leading through fields and forests. Then, once you've reached the Stairway to Heaven section, it gets pretty steep as the trail climbs to the spectacular viewpoint.

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There's also a suspension bridge that runs about a mile on the way to Pinwheel Vista.

Have you ever been?

Definitely putting this trail on my spring/summer bucket list of things to do!

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