There are so many amazing singers born and raised in New Jersey so the fact that 2 New Jersey singers made this list is not surprising at all. 

When you think of all the singers in the world and you picture yourself up on stage who would you most want to sound like? 

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The singer with the voice you LOVE the most. The one you love so much that he or she would be the person you would pick to sound like. 

On people are voting on which female and male singers they wish they could sound like and one singer from New Jersey made the top 5 and another singer from New Jersey is ranked #1.

The #1 singer is Whitney Houston from Newark and Frank Sinatra from Hoboken ranks #5.

This comes as no surprise here, I’ve been on a total kick lately listening to all of Whitney Houston's music. It brings me right back to my middle school and high school years. I absolutely love her music and think she’s the best singer ever. She gets my vote for sure. 

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Here's the list of female and male singers, according to 

Female Singers Most People Would Love To Sound Like Ranked 

#1 - Whitney Houston 

#2 - Celine Dion 

#3 - Mariah Carey

#4 - Kelly Clarkson

#5 - Adele round out the Top 5.  

Beyonce is at #25 and Taylor Swift is at # 81.  

Male Singers Most People Would Love To Sound Like Ranked 

#1 - Freddie Mercury

#2 - Jamin (K-Pop) 

#3 - Dimash Kudaibergen (big in Kazakhstan)

#4 - Michael Jackson 

#5 - Frank Sinatra 

The poll is ongoing so things can always change, but these are the standing as of right now. 

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