Guys, we are giving you plenty of notice on this one. Valentine's Day is February 14. Write that down, burn it into your brains, and whatever you do, plan something special for the one you love that day, lest you have to spend the night sleeping out in the car.

Already panicking? Here's some help!

We live in one of the greatest areas in the world, but if you're still stuck on where to go for Valentine's Day at the Jersey Shore, read on. Valentine's Day is often way over hyped, but there are plenty of ways to make this one great!

1. Spend a romantic night out in Red Bank.

Count Basie Theatre (Facebook)

Make reservations (Don't be the guy driving around for two hours looking for any place that will take you because you thought you could just waltz in with your girl on Valentine's Day.) at one of the many amazing restaurants in Red Bank (Dish, Pazzo, Monticello, Red, Basil T's...) After dinner, bundle up and stroll down Broad Street, holding gloved hands, and window shopping at all the cute boutiques Red Bank has to offer. Then head over to Two River Theater Company or Count Basie Theatre to take in a show.
Bonus Points:Take her to super swanky Nicholas for ultra fine-dining, and get a limo for take you there!

2. Channel your inner child in Freehold


Spend the night laughing like little kids at iPlay America, the indoor theme park in Freehold. Race on the go karts (bet on who will win *wink wink*), see who can get the high score in Skee-ball, and battle it out in laser tag! Don't forget to check out the 4D theater, and grab a bite to eat at City Square Bar & Grill inside the park. Pick up some candy necklaces at Broadway Sweets on the way out...and use them for some adult fun!
Bonus points:Win her a stuffed animal from the claw machine or boardwalk games. Awwwww!

 3. Go zen with a spa day


Sometimes the best gift is relaxation. Book a few spa treatments at a fabulous spa like Avanti Day Resort in Manalapan. Side by side massages, double vichy showers, or the private Razul Chamber experience is sure to be something she'll remember. After all that pampering, who wants a heavy meal? Stop in for sushi at Konbu, just across the parking lot, or better yet, get it to go and let the relaxation continue in the comfort of your home!
Bonus points:Pay for it all ahead of time so you can just walk out when you're done, and book her a follow-up appointment so she has something to look forward to!

4. Rock your heart out in Asbury Park


Asbury Park is home to some of the most incredible restaurants in our area, like Brando's Citi Cucina, Moonstruck, or Stella Marina. Take in a meal, then head to one of the legendary music venues in the area, like The Stone Pony, The Wonder Bar, or The Saint for some of the best live tunes around. Don't worry about getting too sweaty on the dance floor, as long as it's from dancing with her!
Bonus Points:Frame the tickets and buy her some concert swag to remember the night by!

5. Turn your home into a fairytale

Flickr user ilovebutter

This one will take the most work, but has the potential to be the sweetest of them all. If your skills in the kitchen leave a lot to be desired, take a few cooking lessons on the sly (or watch a few hours of the Food Network), and learn how to make a meal for your lady. (No, you can't just make her a turkey sandwich, and tell her it's the thought that counts.) Roast a chicken, make a bacon-wrapped steak, or broil up some doesn't have to be perfect, but it should be edible! For this mission, you'll need to do some recon. Learn where the pots, pans, and dishes are. Don't ask for her help, and leave the kitchen the way you found it. (Last resort: get take out!) Set the table with a nice tablecloth, and light some candles...after dinner, curl up on the couch for a romantic movie, like The Notebook or Pretty Woman.
Bonus Points: Surprise her with rose petals on the floor (that you'll clean up after) and a foot rub.
Super Bonus Points:Rent the first non-horror/action movie you saw together. (Don't get that wrong.)

Just about every lady loves flowers, chocolate, stuffed animals, and shiny things...pick one (or four if you can afford it.) It doesn't have to be pricey, just something to show her how much you appreciate having her in your life!

It really IS the thought that counts...and you always tell how quick and/or last minute that thought was! The best part of Valentine's Day is spending genuine quality time with the person you love.

Good luck!

How would you like to spend Valentine's Day? Tell us in the comment section below!