Heading out for a leisurely bike ride at the Jersey Shore is one of the most fun things to do during the summer months.

Whether you're using a bike for transportation, exercise, or just a reason to get outside and enjoy the warm weather you see lots of people out and about on bicycles, especially when you're in a shore town.

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With so many cars on the road, cars circling around trying to find a parking spot, and people simply not paying attention, it's important to know the rules when you're on a bike to help keep yourself safe.

Starting with wearing a helmet.

"Hell's Kitchen" Host Gordan Ramsay knows this all too well. He's using his platform to remind people to wear a helmet. He was recently in a very bad accident while riding his bike and says his helmet saved his life.

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According to the New Jersey Department of Transportation, children under the age of 17 are required to wear a safety helmet while riding a bicycle in New Jersey.

A recent review of 5 well-conducted, case-controlled studies shows a significant reduction in the risk of head and brain injuries, while wearing a helmet, for all ages riding a bicycle. There was a 63% - 85% reduction.

Also, make sure when on your bike you have to ride in the same direction as cars. The DOT says you have the same rights and duties as drivers, for example, stopping at red lights and stop signs.

Enjoy your bike ride and stay safe!

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