HOWELL — A local recycling company is offering a big reward to help identify two people believed to have stolen "a pocket full of loose change," police said.

The John Blewett Recycling company on Herbertsville Road reported being burglarized last weekend, according to police. Two people were caught on surveillance video looking for what they hoped would be a big haul, but ended up with not much at all.

"We remind those who may feel it's necessary or be tempted to steal from others that there are alternatives - legal choices," Chief Andrew Kudrick said. "Despite your background or situation, simply ask us for help. We and our community have resources and the desire to assist you."

While there are resources to help, people Kudrick said "if you choose to victimize those in this community, we have the resources and the desire to pursue you until you are apprehended."

The Blewett company is offering a $1000 reward for information leading to the arrest of those involved. The police noted that the reward is "far more than what was stolen."

Information about the burglary can be reported through the department's Facebook page, by calling 732-938-4111 or emailing Detective Chris Nagy at 732-938-4111.

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