If you've ever driven on Belmar Blvd. in Wall, you know it can be harrowing for drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians alike.

Belmar Boulevard
Belmar Blvd. in Wall (Google Maps Street View)

One local resident has launched a petition to have a bike path put in along both the eastbound and westbound lanes from Monmouth Blvd. all the way to Rt. 35.

The petition states the new path would "provide safe travel for both bicycles, walkers, and runners along Belmar Blvd. and over Rt 35." Belmar Blvd. is often used by Wall residents headed to the beach or other activities in Belmar.

Unfortunately, Belmar Blvd. is already pretty narrow, with homes/mailboxes/trees lining the street along the length of the proposed path. There would likely have to be some concession from property owners to make the path happen, but it still seems like a good idea in the long run!

You can read more and sign the petition HERE.

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