Governor Murphy just announced that some of the state's COVID-19 restrictions would be rolled back, effective May 10.

The highlights may include news about graduations and proms, but the Governor says more announcements are likely to come as the state will roll back more restrictions.

Key metrics including the number of positive cases, the rate of hospitalizations, and the transmission rate in the state continue to decline.

“As our key metrics improve and our vaccination progress continues, we’re ready to move forward,” Murphy said during Monday's announcement. "We are expecting the downward trend to continue."

"I would hope these are the first set of announcements over the next couple of weeks," Murphy said.

Room Capacities Will Increase

The room capacities will increase to 50% with (with a maximum of 250 individuals) for catered events (including weddings and proms). Plus, political events, funerals, memorial services, and performances.

Capacity limits for indoor private catering events, such as weddings, will increase to 50 percent to a maximum of 250 people. The current limits are 35 percent with a maximum of 150 people.

As for graduation and proms, more information will be coming. The Department of Education and the Office of the Secretary of Higher Education will issue specific guidance on proms and graduations later today, Murphy says.

Outdoor Capacity Limits Will Increase Too

Limits on outdoor gatherings will increase from 200 people to 500 people, Governor Murphy said today.

"We would hope to increase this yet again before Memorial Day -- perhaps significantly," Murphy alluded to the possibility that as the key metrics continue to improve the state may expand the capacity limits for outdoor gatherings.

Outdoor capacity limits at venues such as MetLife Stadium will also be increased.

Stadium Capacities Will Increase

For outdoor venues, the current limit is 30 percent capacity for venues with at least 2,500 fixed seats.

Capacity will increase to 50 percent for venues with 1,000 fixed seats or more.
6.7 million doses have been administered
2.8 million fully vaccinated

Outdoor carnivals and fairs are permitted to operate at 50% capacity. This could be key to helping planning outdoor carnivals and events.

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