Reports of a yacht explosion off the coast of Sandy Hook is now in question.


The U.S. Coast Guard says a report of an explosion on a motor yacht off  Sandy Hook could be a hoax because it can’t find any signs of distress in the water.

Coast Guard Lt. Joe Klinker says a caller reported the boat was 17 miles east of Sandy Hook and had 21 people aboard and several people were injured. He says the caller said the vessel had sunk but everyone aboard had made it to life rafts.

Emergency crews responded immediately to the explosion.

Klinker says it’s “highly unusual” for the Coast Guard to get his kind of position and get there quickly but not locate anything or see any sign of distress. He says it’s unclear if a yacht called the Blind Date exists

WABC-TV is reporting nearly two hours after a distress call saying 21 people had safely abandoned ship but nine had serious burns neither a flotilla of rescue boats nor a flight of helicopters could find any evidence of the vessel "Blind Date" or an wreckage from an explosion.

Medical helicopters were told to leave the scene and return to their home hospitals.

The Coast Guard remained on the scene and was still searching for a boat or any potential victims.

Authorities say 21 people were reported on board at the time and 7 were injured with serious burns.

The U.S. Coast Guard says the explosion occurred around 4:20pm about 17 miles out to sea causing 21 people to jump ship. Many were on lifeboats.

Video from Fox 5 NY: