A student brawl at Saturday's Brick-Brick Memorial high school football game is under investigation by the school district.

Brick Township High School
Brick Township High School (Brick Schools)

Acting superintendent Dennis Filippone told the Patch that he is set to meet with police and principals at both schools today to assess the situation and hand out possible suspensions to students. Later this morning, he issued a statement, reprinted in its entirety here:

"As a school District, we are very disappointed at the conduct of several students from both high schools and disciplinary action will be taken," said Acting Superintendent Dennis Filippone.

We are meeting with Brick Township Police Chief James Riccio and with William Kleissler and Dr. Richard Caldes, the principals of Brick Township and Brick Memorial High Schools to discuss the incident.

There were over 2000 students and supporters of both teams at the game on Saturday. This speaks volumes for our community. We will address this specific matter, but we will also work with our staff and community to unite our students.

A healthy rivalry is good and can be exciting for the students, but at the end of the day, we are one town, one school district, and together we should strive for better.

Community is a powerful word and together, we need to rally around one common goal, which is to make our community better as a whole. Not one school verses another.

"All of the administrators and staff of this district are committed to making this happen. We are one community, 12 schools that will come together and support each other in a friendly game of sport, said Dennis Filippone.

A Brick Township police spokesman confirmed to WOBM News that the incident is being investigated by their detectives bureau.

It's not exactly clear what ignited the fight but a Brick Memorial student claims it was over one of his classmates trying to get their team's fan flag back from Brick students.

It allegedly began at half-time of a game the Green Dragons won handily 27-7.

Students began pushing and shoving each other, one topless being put into a headlock and pulled to the ground and punches were being thrown by a student wearing a Boston Celtics Isiah Thomas jersey.

Brick Memorial student Tyler Geoffroy tweeted the video to Brick Township Mayor John Ducey over the weekend pleading for action.

Warning: Video below is graphic in its content

Video from the game on the field courtesy of the Shore Sports Network:

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